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There are so many words to describe connecting with clients online such as digital marketing, website design, website marketing, SEO marketing, media marketing, social media marketing, YouTube video marketing, internet marketing, social networking, and more. So what makes us different? Well, we are an ethical internet marketing company based in Orange County and Silicon Valley, that only offers honest internet marketing services to good people with good small businesses and non-profits. The other unique fact about us is that we only work with one business per industry, per location. This way, we can be truly loyal to our clients, without conflicting interests.

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  • short n swweet

    Levley Marketing is my "go to" for anything related to social media and web design. Although I had a website, they made many good suggestions and improved it significantly. They taught me about Facebook, Google Plus, and Linked-In and Yelp and set me up on those sites so I have a presence there. The team has expertise in marketing via social media and has monthly packages that efficiently generate clients for your business. The team has been a pleasure to work with.

    David Davis

  • urhomegym

    My idea was a good one to start off with. Levley marketing not only upgraded it to a GREAT idea, but they also made it professional and legitimate. I was doing online training before meeting Ana and my new prospective clients were based purely on word of mouth. Levley Marketing has made it so that I've already grown my business to the point where I will soon have to hire employees because I have so much exposure and demand for my product. I didn't realize how successful I could be from web page sharing! I never thought that I would have so much success with my idea and I really do attribute getting the word out to Levley Marketing.

    Jonathan Sandburg

  • ustrive

    The Levely Marketing team were first introduced to me through a local Meetup for small business networking. Right away talking with Ana about her passion for networking and marketing, it was clear she really cares about helping people grow their small business. I was able to attend the Exclusive Yelp Group Consultation hosted by Ana the following week. It was very insightful for a yelp novice like myself form the business/marketing perspective. I've used yelp for years, but learned some additional tips and feedback from her and the group. Ana was thorough with her explanation of how yelp can improve your business, sharing insight on features which were new to me. She even offered to help if I had any questions after the consultation. I recommend attending one of these consultations if you are looking to grow your small business.

    Serene W.

  • Slider 2

    Levley Marketing is THE company to help ease you into getting your website up and running. You choose the format you want and provide the content you want, and they do the rest. Ana was very helpful and responsive to all my inquiries and helped me learn a bit about editing the site myself (a big money saver). Even today, I had a question -- and she helped me right away.

    Laura W.


We are always looking to connect with more people who own a business or are an independent contractor looking for a partnership.

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