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We are an ethical marketing company that specializes in small to medium sized businesses. We like to create out of the box ideas to help our clients receive high ROI.We challenge the standards of online marketing with inventive ethical tactics in combination with our expertise and skill.

As a full service digital marketing firm, we provide our clients with a team that helps them achieve their marketing goals. From logo design to app creation, our clients are covered with the best of the best people in the United States. Lastly, we only hire independent contractors located in the US, so you know you are giving back to the US economy.

Main Services

We cover all digital marketing from niche online campaigns like kickstarter for startups, to restaurant websites for established restaurants, to bad review yelp management, or e-commerce sites for a local boutique.

Digital Marketing Audit

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Before we create any responsive website, social media strategy / campaign, online video, or content strategy, we have a process in which we do an online marketing analysis known as the Online Marketing Audit. The audit explores what our client’s competitors are up to (their whole online strategy from website design, to SEO, to social media channels) and what the current
demographic is searching for, as well as where they are looking for our client online, and we research what our client already has online to find optimum posting times and more.

Are you tired of having to post all on your own? We have strategies that help you post, or if you are ready to let go of your frustrations from posting, then we can do it for you! We have some amazing packages below that cover all small to medium sized businesses from getting them started to optimizing the already active channels. You also don’t have to worry about posting times, once you schedule a post on multiple channels, it will automatically post to those channels.
When you’re social media is active and growing as much as your business is, then we highly suggest the Premium and Platinum packages to help you have constant day to day interaction with clients without having to actually hire an in-house social media specialist.


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Looking to have an iOS or Android App that is made in the US? Look no further! All our apps our made by american professionals and are amazing. We make the process simple and easy to have an app.


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Having a website is great, but it’s essential that people can find it without having to know the website URL. In fact, it’s just as important as the website itself. Through our years of experience in the marketing business, our creative team will ensure that each page is optimized for the major search engines (Bing, Google, Yahoo). Having a website that works in today’s world is crucial to an organization’s ongoing success due to the way your demographic researches companies. Website fee must be paid in full when the website theme is uploaded and functioning. Any payment past that date will have an accrual fee. Websites must have four elements to succeed in today’s ever changing, fast paced, tech savvy world: 1. Great SEO updated constantly 2. An interactive exterior 3. Relevant content that relates to your mission and/or endeavor 4. A custom eye-catching design and imagery

Graphic Design

We create logos, cover photos, custom designed slider images and more! We listen to what you want while also keeping in mind what would move your target audience.

Video Production

What makes us different when it comes to video? For starts, our one-hour consultations and storyboards:
Video Consultation:
– create a strategy to memorize script
– explain storyboard,
Directing, and speech for film
– warm up methods
– create dynamic storyboard
script adjustment and edits
– vision and image creation
video research of competitors

Whether it is animated or live video we have you covered! We use real directors to help you look amazing, and can create customized commercials for an affordable price.

E-mail Marketing and SEO

Increase your opens with an e-mail campaign! Most e-mail campaigns fail because of a lack of strategy, no enticing graphics, and content that is not concise. We customize each e-mail campaign and focus on gaining your target audience’s attention. We optimize your content so that you gain leads from your campaigns, or create an ongoing conversation through them.

*only in Boston and Northern California – may be available in other states – inquire within

We create a strategy to capture the essence of a business and to have it relate to their specific demographic.

Our Process

Our process is one we designed to make sure our services go smoothly and to make sure you get the most out of them!

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Ethical Business

We first make sure you are an ethical business and on the same page as us.

Choose a Plan

Choose a plan that is right for you! We will try to keep inside your budget.


Since we don’t like to be “debt collectors”, we request all payments to be made in advance.


We then will start your services and be in constant communication.


Get ready to launch your marketing! We schedule all of our services so they are done on time and with a strategy.

USA Levley Marketing Tour

Ana Levley, owner of Levley Marketing, has numerous years of experience in digital marketing. From marketing for big corporations to niche markets, Ana knows the art of the online sale intimately, and has grown profit margins twofold for various companies. She now owns an ethical marketing company, in which her team only represents the best of the best in small business. She is LinkedIn published, such as “Crushing it as a Business Owner at Age 23” and “Passion Can’t Be Bought, So Quit Your Job” (see the rest of her articles here).  She is an energetic speaker who loves to educate an audience in a fun and interactive way.

You can choose from a variety of presentations for your organization:

– Digital Marketing that Succeeds (A general presentation of how to ethically increase clients / customers from online marketing.)

– How to Use the Power of Social Media

– Movie Magic

– Increasing Your Sales Through YouTube

– How to Create a Winning Website

– Ways to Spice Up Your E-mail Campaigns

– How to Crush it Online as a Small Business

IMG_0564About us:

Our company is an ethical marketing company that is run by Ana and her husband, Jonathan Levley. While Ana speaks, Jonathan is a wonderful MC. Jonathan handles the technical aspects of the company as well as manages the clients and project managers. If a client wants to sign up for a package, he is their “go-to-guy”.

Second person on our go-to-team is Sadie Levley, who greets everyone and is our office manager. She is amazing and we love her very much, thus why we give 20% off to potential clients who have adopted a rescue.

Want Ana to speak at your Organization? Contact Us Below to find Available Dates!

Message today to have Ana present at your Organization!

You can contact Levley Marketing to schedule a speaking event for free at your organization. See if Ana is available for the dates you have in mind.

Other Presentations:


– 5 Steps to Create a Successful Business

– You’re a Startup? That’s Great! Here is What NOT to Do

– The Silicon Valley Secrets to “Start Up”

– Turning Business Idea into a Successful Plan

– How Do I Budget for Marketing?

Presentations and Speaking Events

How to Use the Power of Social Media

Woman clicking like button. She Likes it!

Social Media is one of the most powerful platforms online that can make or break your business – if used correctly. In this seminar, I discuss how to create long lasting relationships with clients on social media, how to use social media, and how to increase revenue through different social media channels.

How to Create a Winning Website


Websites take branding, budgeting, a keen eye in design, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends. In this presentation, I will go over how to create a website that increases engagement and sales.

Movie Magic


Most people think they can do a video with no direction – as long as the camera is nice and the setting looks good – it is A-OK. However, when they sit down, they get nervous and start sounding like a robot. In this seminar, I give tips on how to create engaging online videos without even needing a great camera or crew.

Ways to Spice Up Your E-mail Campaigns

E-mail marketing flat illustration

Creating e-mails should always be fun and exciting for any company – otherwise, why would your client’s read them? I go over some key strategies on how to create e-mail campaigns that connect with your clientele, while also increasing the open rate.

How to Increase Your Sales Through Youtube


Who likes to film themselves? Here is a secret: none of the business owners I know, including me! But is it important – heck yes! Why is this important and how does video blogging (otherwise known as vlogging) and YouTube commercials lead to sales? In this seminar, I explore the ways you can grow your business with YouTube, what keywords to use and how to make your video show up.

How to Crush it Online as a Small Business

Work together

In the big digital marketing world, small businesses have it hard. I get it, I was on the other side helping big corporations make small businesses “disappear”. So how do you compete online to gain clients and keep traction without spending a ton? This presentation goes over everything small businesses need to know about digital marketing.

Message today to have Ana present at your Organization!

You can contact Levley Marketing to schedule a speaking event for free at your organization. See if Ana is available for the dates you have in mind.

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